Thursday, November 22, 2007


Men at Work: Land Down Under

iTunes' Party Shuffle mode took me back two and a half decades to this song in early 1982 - roughly when Steve Ovett ran into the church railings and nearly ended his career. For those of you who think he actually did, remember that he set another 1500m world record in 1983 before the troubles in LA in 1984 and moving up to 5000m for Commonwealth gold in 1986.

Mentioning athletics, Henry Rono replied to my message on the forum the other day and I'm a couple of chapters into his book. Great so far. Here is a video on YouTube of Steve Ovett setting a new World Record for 2 miles against Henry Rono in 1978.

My stalkers who are fond of asking me questions on the various types of desert can find some decent music on YouTube

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