Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Sinclair Programs, 1983

I picked this up on eBay for 49p! I don't remember the cover, but bizarrely I do remember some of the contents. I don't know if that's because I had this magazine at one time, or if some of the programs were reproduced in another edition. However, I am pretty sure that it is not a past-life regression experience - especially given that I was ALIVE at the time of publication. (Stop waffling - Ed.)

I'd have been halfway through Junior 4 when this thing was published! That was almost a full year before my Mum & Dad got me a 48k Spectrum for my main Christmas present while I was in first year at St. Bede's College.

I've typed in a couple of programs tonight, and even fixed a couple. There were one or two for the ZX-81 that had me stumped though 'cos I didn't know what memory addresses they were PEEK'ing or POKE'ing - along with a few arcane incantations and what I assume to be memory-saving magic runes.

Saturday, December 17, 2005


Spectrum emulator for PalmOS

I've tried a few freeware emulators the last couple of days, but all they do is crash my Palm Tungsten.

I found ArmZX, and installed a trial version. Manic Miner worked straightaway! I tried a couple more games, and then bought it. It's a great piece of software. The Tungsten isn't really what you want to play arcade games on, so you have to pick your games carefully because of the control method (tapping an image of a Spectrum keyboard, or using the Palm's "joystick").

Actually, I've since found that you can re-program the Palm's buttons to Spectrum keys which helps, but you still don't to be using much more than left/right/fire!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005



Picked this up on eBay for 99p. I remember it from way back when - an incredibly simple but addictive game - love it!

Saturday, December 10, 2005


Bored of the Rings

I bought this game from "Sale Snips" in about 1985. It's just about the only adventure game I even finished!

I put a 99p bid in to buy it on eBay the other day, but lost out by 5p. Wasn't too bothered, as I wasn't all that willing to pay for it in the first place. Actually, make that in the second place - thanks for leaving my stuff in the loft when you moved, Mum.

Anyway, the main reason I wanted it was for the secret 4th part I remembered - some sort of teletext app. I didn't think World of Spectrum would have it, but I've played it through tonight, and with the aid of a walkthrough, have just loaded it up!

The password is "NOT TELLING"!

Sunday, December 04, 2005


Photos from the DevelopMentor retreat earlier in the year

Kev Jones has uploaded some photos from the DevelopMentor retreat earlier this year.

You can find them here.

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