Saturday, June 30, 2007


Peugeot 806 wet floor sorted?

We've had trouble with the front footwells getting wet, mainly the driver's side, for the last year or so.

Obviously, it was worst when it rained heavily but the carpets stayed wet for ages so could be tricky to tell. It was difficult to trace where the water was getting in, but initially I thought it might be where the plastic trim was coming away from the bottom corners of the windscreen. It seemed to go away after using silicone to fill the gap, but the carpets were wet again today.

I spent some time looking round the windscreen to see if the seal was OK but couldn't see any problems. I couldn't find any ideas on the web, and in the absence of any better ideas I removed the three grills on the heater intakes as shown in the first picture. The car was parked on an angle (driver's side lower) and couldn't really see any water on the driver's side, but when I looked at the higher, passenger's side there was about 2" of water coming up to the top of the intake!

I stuck my arm all the way in, and felt a load of black gunk. All of a sudden my index finger went into a hole and all the water drained away. I repeated the process on the driver's side to remove that blockage too.

Hopefully the problem has gone for a while, and also maybe one day Google will find this blog entry and help some other poor soul so that the gaps between their toes don't start webbing over while they're driving...

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Saturday, June 16, 2007


Latest Steve Ovett item

This is a shot of the cover of the November 1978 edition of Track and Field News

There are some good quotes in there, including one very sarcastic one about all the hard work put in by sports journalists in the bar before interviewing him, which all led to him not talking to the press.

There's also a list of his PBs from age 14 onwards which I'll add in some time.

The stat that struck me most though is the 37bpm of his heart at rest...

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Thursday, June 14, 2007


Facebook, ZX Spectrum widget for Mac, and a new mouse

Yesterday I set up a Facebook account in order to share some photos with friends.

Today, I found the MacOs widget in the accompanying screenshot (but am on a PC so haven't been able to try it yet).

And in reference to an earlier post, my Apple Mighty Mouse (wireless) continually stopped working (i.e. the right mouse button) so I took it back and the replacement has worked flawlessly. Phew.

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