Monday, August 29, 2005


Retro mood: ZX Spectrum

I've been in a real retro mood recently.

After finding out that my Mum has binned my old Spectrum and all the software/hardware I had (aargh!), I've bought a ZX Spectrum +2A, and been busy loading stuff from World of Spectrum onto it! I've also just bought and am awaiting delivery of a 48K Spectrum & a Currah ╬╝Speech box.

I've been mainly using the Zeus assembler to try out Z80 code. It's been a LONG time...

There are so many cool sites out there, such as ZX Format and Cronosoft.

In fact, I've just ordered/paid for my first Spectrum game in decades from Cronosoft: Higgledy Piggledy.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Athletics World Championships, Helsinki 2005

Well, it's now 22 years since the first World Championships (also in Helsinki) in 1983. Blimey - I'd have been waiting to go to St Bede's College to start my secondary education.

It strikes me as incredible that with all of our lottery funding & "expertise", that we haven't been able to field a world class middle distance track athlete for pretty much twenty years. Depressing. Or perhaps lottery funding is exactly the reason...

It's 3 weeks since I last went for a "good" run, apart from 3 minutes on grass on Sunday to see how my knees feel. Not bad, but could do with some more rest & ice.

Saturday, August 06, 2005


Ovett/Coe article

Here's a link to an article by Pat Butcher (who wrote "The Perfect Distance").

Is it really a quarter of a century already? Wow.

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