Sunday, January 21, 2007


C5 Gearbox Greasing

This is what C5 Martin's looks like, and I can do without that!

Blimey - I didn't realise it was so long, but it's 51 weeks to the day since I last greased the gearbox on the C5!

That sounds terrible when you bear in mind that one of the posts on the Yahoo C5 list said that you should grease it every month as a matter of course, but my C5 sees very little use.

Anyway - I got around to it today and I must have put plenty in last year as it was still nice and greasy. Some had seeped out at the end closest to the motor body but not a great deal.

While I had the boot off, I also got around to tightening the rear brake cable - the handbrake should hold on hills again now!

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