Sunday, September 07, 2008


Formula 1

I've not been much of a Formula 1 fan since Nigel Mansell retired, or Ayrton Senna died, but my Dad was round today and I saw the last few laps of the Belgian GP.

I saw Hamilton go off track and come back on in front of Raikkonen. I also saw him allow the Finn back in front so no advantage gained. I've seen that many times in F1 without the stewards getting involved.

However, I've just logged on and seen the article on the BBC web site saying that Hamilton has been stripped of the win.

If that isn't the endemic case of F1 favouring Ferrari (and gifting the win to Massa) then I don't know what is. No wonder fans have been switching off in droves in recent years.

The Tifosi might love it, but I'll stick to watching Rossi in MotoGP, thanks.

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