Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Gentleman Soldier: Who'll Be A Soldier

Mr (Rob) Carroll, my Junior 3 teacher from my primary school (St. Teresa's), gave me this record when I gave him a load of my Dad's old body building magazines. Looking at the back of the album sleeve for when the album was released, it must have been at least 1984 when I was at St. Bede's. The cover photo was produced by my Junior 4 teacher, Mr (Mike) Szczeblewski.

Thanks to the magic of a record player deck, stereo converter jack, a PC running Audacity, a 10.1mp digital camera (for the album artwork) and iTunes, I have now got his music playing on my iPod Touch.

It looks like he is still playing, since after a quick Google search I found this web site about Zingari Swing. He is on the right of the photo - I think it is his brother on the left of the shot.

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Hi Mark,
Excellent Blogg.

I can't locate your email address or tel Number. can you drop me a line re chorlton runners web site (cholrtonrunners.com)
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