Sunday, October 14, 2007


Trading Hours

A work colleague, Percival Worsfold (a geography teacher at King David), recently had a rant about going to get some passport photographs done and not being able to because the shop workers had closed the machine down ten minutes before the end of the day.

Today, I went to buy some fish from an AQUATIC pet shop in URMSTON and was told that it would be impossible to buy some fish. This despite the fact that it was a full FIFTEEN MINUTES before their advertised closing time. Fine - I'll buy my fish elsewhere in future. Not many things make me mad but along with poor manners, poor customer service rates right up there.

Personally, I'd have gone home late rather than turn a customer away and have done on many occasions. I wasn't the only one - other people were turned away as I was spending my money in the Off Licence next door instead.

What is the point of advertising a 4pm closing time if you won't sell something after 3.45pm (and for all I know, it might have been 3.30pm)?

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