Thursday, October 04, 2007


Bradford & Bingley - don't bother

I saw on the MoneySavingExpert web site recently that Bradford & Bingley have a market-leading savings rate of 6.4% for their Internet account. I signed up, but lost the sign-up password. Fair enough, my fault, but I assumed they would notify me of a log-in password via separate snail-mail from the log-in ID I received today. That appears not to be the case.

I have spent over 30 minutes trying to get through to them on the phone today to reset my password, but was constantly on hold. No wonder they offer such a good rate if they don't employ anybody in a Far East sweat shop to answer the phones. To add insult to injury, they had someone with a Geordie accent constantly saying they had "high volumes of calls". What, from 11am to 8pm? Yeah right.

I left an online request this morning asking to be called back, but they haven't done so.

Needless to say I'll be leaving my cash where it is (Alliance & Leicester) for the sake of a few extra quid per year.

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Well, it took them about four days but they eventually called back.

Let's see if my new password arrives in the post (and there's another rant) before the closing of my 14-day window to make an initial deposit...
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