Saturday, April 21, 2007


Sinclair C5 admirer

I popped into Sale on "Chitty" (as Lucy calls it) to pick up a couple of kebabs for supper.

At the traffic lights near the swimming baths, two blokes wound down the window and asked me how much they cost. When I pedalled away from the lights, they said, "I thought it was electric?" Shows how much they know about 22 year-old plastic gearboxes.

While I was waiting for the kebabs, a gang of pleasant-looking youths started walking past followed by a 36 year-old man who wanted to shake my hand and tell me all about his friend who was famous for writing music for games for the Commodore 64 (hawk-spit). Apparently, a few weeks ago one of his friends said to him, "You'll never guess what I saw in Worthington Park this week - a Sinclair C5!"

I wonder whose that could have been...


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