Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Dad's first solo trip

My Dad came over in his C5 tonight to watch the return leg of Man Utd v Lille in the Champions' League. Afterwards, I rode up to the top of my road with him on my A-bike.

The original lights on his C5 look plenty bright enough. He'll probably get some LED bulbs from Mark at C5 Alive as spares, but with a leisure battery and the range he gets out of it I don't think he'll be in any major hurry to upgrade.

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Nice photies. I liked the one of me with the soft focus but I don't know if that was intentional or not. I didn't realise that the mud-flaps were reflective but they look really good and they certainly help when it comes to safety and being seen at night.

On the way home after the match and still feeling the minutest of effects from the Buds, I was thinking to myself how funny it would be if the police pulled me in and asked me to "blow into this bag sir" and me replying to them "it's only a bike, occifer!"

Well.... blow me... a 100 yards or so down the road a lady plod in her patrol-car was exiting the forecourt of my local petrol station when she saw me and stopped, suddenly, and looked at me in the strangest fashion. I felt a sudden urge to start pedalling my C5 and rounded the mini-roundabout, some little distance on, at the maximum safest speed whilst looking back to see plod driving up the road in the opposite direction. When I arrived home I felt as though I had been in one of those "Only Fools and Horses" sketches where Dell Boy narrowly misses the clutches of the Law, yet again.

Much Poetic Licence has been employed in the waxing of this vastly exagerated and very exciting version of my maiden solo-fright in my Sinclair C5.

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