Friday, March 02, 2007


A-bike has arrived

I had to come home from work at lunch time today so that I could take Lucy to the doctor's - she's had a high temperature for a few days and started coughing last night, but this morning she started developing white ulcers on her tongue so with it being the weekend, and how badly she came down with chicken pox, it was decided for me that I should get her in for a second opinion.

Anyway, while I haven't been able to go out on it due to looking after her, my A-bike has arrived and I've managed to put it up! I need a bit more practice with the folding procedure but it does seem fairly straight forward. I had a quick go in the garden and it felt a little wobbly at first but OK once you get a bit of speed up. The brakes seem to work fine, except there was a metallic rubbing sound from the back end. At first I thought it was the chain mechanism, but eventually traced it to the washer that helps hold the rear brake cable in place: it was rubbing against the rim of the rear wheel.

I loosened the nut and tried to get the brake band to move away a little but had no luck. I also tried undoing the two torque bolts (as also done here) but to no avail. I resorted to loosely putting a cable tie on to hold the cable slightly outwards and it's worked a treat. I might have another go sometime at doing it properly, but I really can't be bothered sending it back for somebody else to do. Pity though.

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