Wednesday, February 07, 2007


My Dad's getting a C5!!!!

C'est très amusant!

I remember a time about a year ago, when turning up in my C5 at my parents' house, my Dad announced that he hadn't realised that he had "raised an eccentric."


Anyway, what goes around comes around, and he's had me trawling the net over the last couple of days because he wants one.

I've contacted Martin Newell, from whom I purchased my C5 horn kit last year, and he's in the process of renovating a C5 that my Dad & I will be picking up once he's finished with it.

Having graduated with a Masters degree in Microelectronic Systems Engineering, I was impressed with the quality of Martin's horn kit and instruction manual as well as the contributions he has made to various C5 forums (fora? I did Latin at school too!) so I didn't have any hesitation in recommending that my Dad buy a C5 from Martin rather than take a risk on eBay!

I just knew you would post a comment on me getting a C5. Ha!

"Race you to the off-licenece then..." as one eccentric to another.

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