Sunday, February 25, 2007


First ride in convoy!

I went over to my Dad's at about 1pm today to have a proper look at the Sinclair C5 that he bought yesterday from Martin Newell.

It looks very well restored and presented. Last night, I put my spare Halfords battery (the one that came with my C5) on charge so that my Dad could use it but he told me that Martin had provided a quick release setup with it, so I started off by helping my Dad to fit the Numax leisure battery that he uses in his caravan when he goes away.

I could tell that he was a bit embarrassed about actually getting in it in front of his adoring neighbours, but with a bit of cajoling (not aided by my Mum bent over with her hands on her knees, crying laughing) he took off up the road as if he was on a 600cc Honda coffin rocket.

I've got to say, I've never seen an in-motion C5 from behind before. Bearing in mind that I'm a big fan, it looked to me like somebody sitting in a floating chair without any (chair) legs! I'm going to have to re-evaluate all the smiles and car horn-tooting...

Anyway: he finally decided to bite the bullet and follow me the 3.5 miles back to my place. Just as we were heading downhill from Sale station I could see him dropping back in my mirrors - he had lost drive. AARGH!

However, it would appear (in his own words) that the "lack of oxygen" to the brain (more due to pedalling uphill than the ultimate height of said incline) caused him to forge an indentation in the handle bar rather than press the "GO" microswitch.

I checked it out, and it seemed OK, so we continued to my house. He had a revitalising Vimto (invented to cure headaches, from what I remember of the big wooden piece of art brightening my days at UMIST) and I followed him back to his place in my Volvo.

Perhaps the highlight of the odyssey was as we were going past a load of his old friends who were congregated on the side of a road. I don't know how he managed to keep going in a straight line while his chin was glued to his left shoulder, but it didn't stop one of the women from shouting, "Hiya Pete!". He waved with his right hand while still inspecting the stitching on his shirt. Laugh? I nearly made the traction control come on.

I could tell he was getting tired when he turned right off a main road while playing chicken with an Audi A4 and then left at the next t-junction narrowly missing drowning in a small lake over a blocked grid. And all because he didn't want to have to stop and pull away again!

We've got plans to take it in turns going to each other's houses to watch Man Utd play their remaining matches this season!

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'I could tell he was getting tired when he turned right off a main road while playing chicken with an Audi A4'

You're as mad as a bucketful of frogs! Very funny though, a good tale.
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