Saturday, January 06, 2007


Replaced my iPod Mini battery

I've only been getting two to three hours out of my Mini for a while. This hasn't been a particular problem seeing as I only ever listen to it for an hour or so, but I've been thinking about getting a replacement battery for a while.

I found a cheap 550mAh battery on eBay that arrived today, except it is better than expected at 650mAh. I know that there are bigger batteries out there, but I just don't need that sort of capacity. When I use it in the car it is powered, when it is in the dock it is powered, and it is pretty rare that I use it when running or walking to the shops!

Anyway, the instructions that arrived with it were useless. Not because it had a font that even I struggled with (bearing in mind I use emacs with a 7 or 8 point font), but because they were for an original iPod. Google came to the rescue when I found the CNet web site's detailed instructions.

The only thing I didn't like about the instructions is the way they tell you to jam a screwdriver inbetween the white plastic and the metal body which will damage it. I used a small pin and my fingernail to prise the top and bottom covers off. It wasn't perfect, but much preferable to the alternative.

My iPod has been on charge for an hour or so, so I'll leave it for at least another couple and check whether it is fully charged before I use it.

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