Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Front brake cable snapped

I took Lucy to the park this afternoon, and while there a dog ran out in front of me while I was in the C5.

I wish I hadn't bothered braking now, as the front brake cable snapped - the round end piece that holds the cable into the brake lever. Then again, maybe a blessing in disguise as I'd rather it had happened in a park than on a road.

Hmm, and better than when Ruth had her first ever go of the C5 yesterday when the six of us went out on bikes with me carrying spare coats/jumpers in the C5 boot! Ruth was worn out at the end of the eight mile ride, so once we got a quiet stretch of roads I convinced her to have a go. I think she loved it but shirked when I offered to try to get her one of her own...

Anyway, I'll be ordering a set of brake cables from C5 Alive shop - the back one is a bit loose too.

Hi Mark

I enjoyed reading the article on the broken brake cable but I couldn't help noticing poor little Lucy cleaning the C5. Mmmm.... when she gets a bit taller she'll be able to clean your car as well.... mmmm!

Must run in the family. :-)
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