Tuesday, October 31, 2006


New Music

I've bought a few albums (alba?) recently:

  • I started with a recommendation from Simon Horrell, and purchased the Arctic Monkeys CD. Simon said, "Do yourself a favour - buy it". Well, save your money - you can have mine

  • Next up was Iron Maiden's latest: "A Matter of Life and Death". There are a few really good songs on here. I particularly like "The reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg", and "These colours don't run" and "Different World" aren't bad either.

  • I thought I'd try some of their older stuff too, so bought "The number of the beast" - an album that had them incorrectly labelled as Satanists when it was released. I've only had a quick listen to it - it's a little heavy for me, but there are a couple of songs on there that are OK

  • And finally, Nik Kershaw's latest album arrived in the post today: "You've got to laugh". It's great and you can order it online

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