Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Memory lane and "Race the Train"

I was at my Mum and Dad's this morning and we started going through some old photos. I've got some of my old running days, and have put them up on Flickr, with a slideshow here.

A couple are from some of my first cross-country races while at junior school, and some are from an annual 5.5mile cross-country I used to do in Tywyn against a steam train, called "Race The Train". I only did it three times (click images for larger ones):

  1. 1987 was the first year. I finished in a time of 36:42 against the train's 44:55

  2. The following year I was in good shape and you see me in this photo battling for 3rd place (a battle I won). I finished in 35:02 for 5.5miles which extrapolates to a 10km time of just over 39 minutes. Given that it was a muddy cross-country course, that's not too shoddy for a 16 year old.

  3. 1989 was a nightmare for me. I trained hard and went to win, but the heat was once again my downfall and I finished in my worst ever time of 39:17

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