Friday, May 19, 2006


New ZX Spectrum games from Cronosoft

I've bought some new games from Simon at Cronosoft.

Dead or Alive

The first game is Dead or Alive - a vertical scroller that reminds me a bit of Commando except set in the Wild West. I'm enjoying this one very much. Unlike the last Jonathan Cauldwell game I bought (Loco Bingo), I can actually play this one! I just wish there were a password for each level, although I read on JC's web site that he thinks the games lacks levels so maybe this is why there isn't such a facility.

Rough Justice

The second game is Rough Justice, another Cauldwell game. This reminds me a little bit of The Pyramid and Airwolf


The third game is Hop'n'Chop by the Shaw brothers. It's a colourful platform game about chopping down trees, although pretty difficult.

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