Thursday, January 19, 2006


C5: new chain

My new chain arrived today from C5 Alive. With the C5 standing on its boot, it's a pretty easy job:

(1) Take out the old half-link
(2) Pull the old chain off
(3) Put the new chain on by feeding it over the front crank, down to the rear sprocket. DON'T FORGET THE HALF-LINK (more in a minute)
(4) Connect the chain on the rear sprocket first, then half onto the crank at the front. Turn the pedals and that's it

I couldn't get the chain on easily at all - way too tight. The chain tensioner was starting to point up instead of down, and the chain was rubbing on it!

I'd forgotten to put the half-link on the new chain - I still can't believe what a massive difference it makes to the amount of play in the chain though.

If Chris at C5 Alive ever reads this, then sorry for making you count the links in your chain :)

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