Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Lucy at Lyme Park

We took Lucy to visit the site of Brian Chapman's Ultimate Humiliation a couple of weeks ago.

Yes - approximately a quarter of a century ago, at the end of a long Sunday morning training session, Brian Chapman tried to "put a shuffle on" and burst ahead of the trailing pack to impress two pensioners with poodles.

His knees clicking like chilly castanets, his nostrils flaring like jet intakes, Brian surged forwards into a sedate jog. Little did he know of the competitive urges of my Dad.

Before he knew it, Brian's shorts and smalls were round his knees; his lungs full of muddy water when he found himself face down in a puddle; his voluminous posterior the wobbling surface for a score of pairs of muddy trainers to paddle.

One day, I'll find the wall where my Dad rescued a sheep from the hole in the snow, only for the ungrateful beast to jump back in.

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