Saturday, September 10, 2005


Making a digital backup of my ZX Spectrum tapes

I've bought another Cronosoft game, "Gloop!"

The signal on the tape is very noisy, and I always like to make a backup. I use the backup until it no longer works, then I make another backup, use that, and so on.

I couldn't get a backup via Audacity to load up into my Spectrum, so I've spent the last couple of hours investigating how to make a digital backup. Here's how I did it:

  1. Played the tape into my laptop's "MIC" socket, and recorded an 8-bit uncompressed WAV using Audacity

  2. Used MakeTZX from the command line with:

    maketzx Gloop.wav -f

  3. Played the .tzx into my Spectrum from the command line with:

    tzx2wav.exe Gloop.tzx

Do a web search if you can't find the software I mention, or look elsewhere in this blog.

And no - don't bother asking if you can have a copy of any of these titles. Support Cronosoft in their effort to keep a retro games label alive, or it'll die.

a game I found after 15 years of trying to remember what it was called was this one: Atic Atac....ah memories!
Yes, I remember that one!

Never got very far with it though - always ended up getting lost!
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