Monday, September 05, 2005


First 5km race in, er, ever?

I don't think I ever raced over 5km (although I did plenty of much shorter and much longer races). Given that I haven't done any running to speak of for 10 years, and that I can't train because my knees are so sore every time that I try to train, then yesterday's run in Alexandra Park in 24mins 22secs was a nice surprise.

Nostalgically, this race was in the park across the road from my secondary school. Every term our form would do a lap of the park - I can't remember ever losing.

I thought I'd be lucky to do it in less than half an hour given that I haven't done any running (just a couple of jogs). It'd be nicer still if I could get it back under 17 or 18 minutes which is what I'd have done it in before...

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