Friday, June 10, 2005


I've got tickets to see Nik Kershaw!!!

I emailed Century FM the other day, asking about the Nik Kershaw interview, and also about the upcoming gig.

Rebecca (program manager) emailed me to say to keep listening between 5.30pm and 6pm every night next week for a chance to win tickets. I replied and said thanks for the info.

This morning, Darren Proctor (the breakfast time DJ) emailed me saying that since it was obvious that I was such a big Nik fan (is it?!) that he'd convinced his boss to give me two tickets! Brilliant.

Kathleen from the Wounded Knee mailing list saw Nik at a concert in Berlin last week, and told him about me getting tickets, which he apparently found quite amusing!

She said:

"Hi Mark! Yes, it was very nice to meet Nik! He found it funny that they recognized you as a fan and gave you a ticket without entering the competition. "
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