Tuesday, June 28, 2005


iPod Mini panic

I've had a few troubles with my iPod Mini since I got it at Christmas. Occasionally, I'd turn it on and all of the songs had disappeared. I wondered if this was because my two main machines are connected via Firewire, and when I plug the iPod in it was pretty much random which machine would grab the iPod.

Tonight though, I plugged my iPod in before the PC was booted up. Big mistake. As soon as XP started, it ran its chkdsk stuff and started screwing up the files on the iPod. It wouldn't turn on, iTunes moaned about disk write errors and all sorts. Oops. I tried resetting as described here and that just made things worse: I now had an icon of a folder along with an exclamation mark in a triangle every time I turned it on. Even the iPod updater software gave errors when I tried to run it. Aargh!

I did the reset stuff a couple more times, and then the updater software ran. Phew!

What a pain that was.

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