Thursday, May 05, 2005


Mexican Cerveza homebrewed lager

The first batch of lager is pretty much ready. It's not particularly fizzy though, so I have been trawling the web this morning to try to find out if there was some kind of reaction that had failed to take place in the pressure barrel. I am assuming it had to be in the pressure barrel, since the mixture was flat when it went into it! The guy at Salford Homebrew said not to take the lid off the pressure barrel, as this would also cause the lager to go "flat as a pancake". So, I was a good boy and didn't!

I came across this link that seems quite interesting. They don't say why a lager isn't fizzy, but they do say that adding some more sugar at bottling time helps to generate carbon dioxide. Since this gas cannot escape the bottle, it becomes dissolved in the lager helping to make it fizzy.

I can feel a trip to Salford coming on, for some bottles and maybe even another pressure barrel so that I can get another mix going...

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The guy (need to ask his name!) at Salford Homebrew reckons the lager is fine if it's gushing out and frothing up. He reckons it needs at least three weeks to clear properly - not the two that the kit instructions say. We'll see.

I also picked up another pressure barrel, but this one has a 4" neck so I can get my hand in for cleaning. So that it won't lie empty and idle, I bought a beer kit to test it out, but went for one that is a little different from what I normally drink - it is a "Dark Ale" by Coopers of Australia. It smells pretty good so far in the fermentation bin!
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