Friday, April 15, 2005



I put a homebrew kit on my Christmas wish list, but Ruth ignored because she thought I was joking.

She recently mentioned it to somebody that she works with, and he has subsequently given me most of the kit I need to start.

Today, I went to Salford Homebrew to get the following:
  • Campden tables
  • Wine finings
  • Brown demijohn
  • Sterilising powder
  • "First Steps in Winemaking" by C.J.J. Berry (book)
  • A heating belt
  • A Shiraz wine kit

On the way back home, I popped into Waterstones at the Trafford Centre and picked up a copy of "Traditional home wine making" by Paul and Ann Turner.

The demijohn is now in my cellar, bubbling away nicely for the next two weeks...

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